Seahorses Rescued on Chic’s Beach

Photo Courtesy: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The Brandis family and their babysitter were enjoying their day at Chic’s Beach, when they spotted something peculiar. Ten seahorses were trapped on the beach.

Photo Courtesy: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The seahorses along with seaweed, barnacles and oysters had been trapped in some stray fishing net. It was unclear to the family how long they had been stuck in the net.

The group untangled the seahorses and placed them in a beach bucket with sand and water.

Shortly after the rescue, they noticed that one of the male seahorses had given birth! The seahorse count had expanded to over 50.

Following the ordeal, the family called the Chesapeake Bay Foundation who came and transferred the seahorses to a safe location.

Written by Kenae Frazier and Madison Pearman