“Sister-Girlfriends” hit jackpot!

Cha-ching! No sibling rivalry here, a pair of Virginia Beach sisters have hit the $10 million jackpot. Did we mention this particular scratch-off ticket is the largest prize offered by the Virginia Lottery?

Juanita Simpson and Sharon Calhoun are about as close as two sisters can be, so no quarrel was needed to make the decision to split the earnings.

The winning ticket was bought at a Food Lion in Newport News. It happened when the sisters were visiting their brother. He was going shopping, so they asked him to pick up the ticket for them. When he returned, they scratched it and discovered they’d won.

The women are so close that they refer to themselves as the “sister-girlfriends.” Sounds like the brother won’t be getting a portion of the check?

By the way, they chose the one-time cash option of $5,617,977 million.