Solution to Our Pollution

Photo Credit: Kevin DuBois

Virginia is for lovers… of the environment! Do you have any plans June 2? Join the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for its 30th annual “Clean the Bay Day” this summer. Yes, you read that correctly. This project has been in effect for thirty years.

Since 1989, Virginians from the Eastern Shore to the Blue Ridge Mountains have taken to the shoreline with intentions of retrieving over 100,000 pounds of pure garbage.

Without the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, at least 3,000,000 pounds of waste would still be traveling through our waters. So how can you help?

It’s only one Saturday out of the year, and signing up is easy. Click here and simply use the interactive map to register at your nearest location. Let’s spend some time giving back to a planet, that has already given us so much!