Spooky Fun and Scary Runs This Weekend

On The Run with Jon “Flex” Leiding, Sportswrap Running Reporter and Sometimes Speedy Guy

Where did the time go? Seems like we just got past the last hot humid days of Summer and now, it’s Halloween! You know what that means? Two months of holiday music and lights all over Hampton Roads. Then New Years Eve and it will be 2017. Slow Down!!!

Whew! I guess I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Before we get to the video report, a few “shout outs” from a few holiday themed races. First, the Oktoberfest 5K at Mount Trashmore was fast for Virginia Beach’s David Dierstein, who was the overall winner in 18:02. He was motivated by our friend of the Blog, Tommy Neeson, who finished :30 seconds behind. Norfolk’s Britney Taylor led the Ladies with at 23:09, while Nancy Delaney captured the Women’s Masters Title with a solid 23:26.

Now for the Latest Results and Preview for the weekend, let’s go “On The Run!”

Out on 17th Street at the Monster Dash 5K was won by Cardave Sandifer. She sizzled the Oceanfront course in 18:26. The women’s champ was Carolyn Shorter from Reston, Va. in 21:54.

The Mariner’s Museum Pirate 10K Run was a short trip down the plank for Newport News’ Michael Stohler winning in 42:55. Samantha Popovich was the top female in 48:34.

No Tricks, just Treats for all of you who crush those miles!

Good Luck to those of you racing Saturday at the Oceanfront in the Wicked 10Kor up in Williamsburg for the Governor’s Land 5K.  Sunday, the SPCA has their Mutt Masquerade 5K at the Oceanfront. Dogs are allowed for this one! Their our best friend, right?

Can’t forget those of you going to Washington for the Marines Corps Marathon Sunday. Like they say at the start, “Capture the District and Beat the Bridge!” Have Fun!

As always, thanks to all who share the blog with your friends. Keep on rockin’ those miles and maybe I’ll be shouting your name, next time…”On The Run!”