Suffolk Recycles Bottle Tops into a Landscape Mosaic

What do you do with over 20,000 bottle tops? You make a mosaic, of course! At least, that’s what they did in the city of Suffolk.

Pictured: Angela White, Art Teacher at Lakeland High School, Aniston Waldo, student, and Stephanie Gwaltney, Art Teacher at Kings Fork High School. Photo Courtesy: City of Suffolk/Upper Photography Ninety.

Dozens of volunteers gathered at the Suffolk Art Gallery on Jan. 13 to create a mosaic masterpiece, with Suffolk’s landscape as the inspiration.

Thousands of plastic bottle tops were collected over a six-week period, starting back in November. They had a goal of collecting 6,000 tops to create the mosaic and exceeded their goal times three.

You can check out the mosaic at the Suffolk City Hall, located at 442 West Washington Street, but it will soon move to the North Suffolk Library. 

The project was a collaboration of Keep Suffolk Beautiful, The Suffolk Art League, The Suffolk Art Gallery and Suffolk Public Schools. Their goal was to raise awareness of plastic pollution and encourage people to recycle.

Linda Bunch, Director of the Suffolk Art League, said in press relase, “It goes to show how much plastic we use in our daily lives.  We hope this project will encourage people to recycle more and maybe change some habits. Instead of buying a bottle of water, why not use a refillable container?”

Photo Courtesy: City of Suffolk/ Upper Photography Ninety


Many of the volunteers for the project were high school students.

“It was great to have so many students from different schools working together. Everybody had a really great time and after five hours we were all really pleased with how well the mosaic turned out,” said Keep Suffolk Beautiful Spokesperson Wayne Jones.