Suffolk Teachers of the Year 2018

2018 City-Wide Teacher of the Year Katelyn Leitner-Black (top-right), 2018 Middle School Teacher of the Year William Carter (top-left), 2018 High School Teacher of the Year Kristen Ellis (bottom-left) and 2018 Rookie Teacher of the Year Christopher Stadler (bottom-right). Photo Courtesy: Suffolk Public Schools

Suffolk Public Schools recently honored four of their teachers with individual recognition for assorted “Teacher of the Year” categories.

Fifth-grade teacher at Pioneer Elementary School, Katelyn Leitner-Black was named the 2018 City-Wide Teacher of the Year. This is her fourth year of teaching and she is known for her enthusiasm, creativity and engaging teaching style, according to Suffolk Public Schools. Leitner-Black’s students call her the “crazy teacher” because she is known to stand on a desk to teach class, as well as rap lyrics to help them understand a science concept.

The 2018 Middle School Teacher of the Year is William Carter who teaches technology education at King’s Fork Middle School. He’s been teaching for three years and is known for keeping his students engaged and curious.

Kristen Ellis, a Spanish teacher at Nansemond River High School, was named 2018 High School Teacher of the Year. Ellis has taught for eight years now and is known for consistent professionalism and strong rapport with students and their families, according to Suffolk Public Schools.

A music teacher at Northern Shores Elementary School, Christopher Stadler, was named the 2018 Rookie Teacher of the Year. According to Suffolk Public Schools, he is known for his hard work, initiative, loyalty and dedication to his students.