Take the Trick Out of “Trick-or-Treating”

Want to know the best Halloween route to get the most candy? Nextdoor.com has brought this treat to the palm of your hand with their “Halloween Treat Map.”

The Nextdoor neighborhood Treat Map is a convenient way to see which of your neighbors are handing out Halloween candy this year. It also allows you to let others know that you’re participating in the trick-or-treat fun.

Candy corn markers or purple haunted house markers hover over homes on the map that are planning to hand out candy. You can use the map to plan the most candy-filled route through you neighborhood.

Homes marked with Candy Corn indicates there is candy available via Nextdoor.com

You can access the map on Nextdoor’s website or their app,

According to Nextdoor’s website, if you mark your home with candy corn, your full address will be available to your Nextdoor neighbors. Your nearby neighbors will only see the approximate location and the Treat Map is not accessible to anyone outside of your Nearby Neighborhoods.

Nextdoor app

The Treat Map can be accessed by clicking “Map” on the website and clicking “Neighbors” on the app. This is the same way you would access your regular Nextdoor Neighborhood Map.

There is currently no way to indicate that you or your neighbors are not participating in trick-or-treat, according to Nextdoor.

For more information on how to access the Treat Map, click here.

Nextdoor is a free, private social network that allows you, your neighbors and your community to talk online.

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