Thanks, PHF. Love, The Comedy Dad

Thank you Newport News’/Williamsburg International Airport from the Comedy Dad.

If you have ever lived near a major city like Washington DC or Chicago and had to deal with over crowded airports, then you know why I’m thanking one of our local airports. It’s a blessing to be able to check in, check your bag, go through security and be at your gate in fifteen minutes.

Of course there are pro and cons of flying out of smaller airports like PHF. We can’t fly anywhere direct. I usually fly American, so I usually have to either connect in Charlotte or Philadelphia. I never understood flying down to Charlotte and then back past my house to New York. Just pick me up on your way back past if you don’t mind.

I had a pretty nice flight to Cincinnati, and who would have thought their airport was in Kentucky? Half of its metropolitan area is in the Blue Grass state.

Even though The Comedy Dad was out of town, I got a big dose of Hampton Roads on television. It started with Virginia Beach’s own Pharell on “The Voice,” followed by Bucky Hodges, the Salem High School graduate and tight end for Virginia Tech who caught a touchdown on ESPN, and finally I closed out my Sunday checking out Mike Tomlin, the Steelers head coach from Newport News.FullSizeRender-11

After three days of having the whole bed to myself, I can honestly say I’m ready to head home. I haven’t smelled a poo, told someone to sit down and frankly I’m lonely.

It felt good to wake up from my little nap on the plane and see Patrick Henry Mall right beneath my wing because The Comedy Dad knew this trip was over and my babies would be waiting. Just like going out, coming back in through Williamsburg/ Newport News is smooth as a baby’s behind. I grabbed my bag and my wife was sitting in same spot they dropped the Comedy Dad off. And that, my friends, is Priceless.


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