Things To Do on a Cold Day in Norfolk

The days are getting colder, and although we might have a few more jacket days left in Hampton Roads, it’ll soon be full-time coat weather.

Lucky for us, our seven cities have more than enough to keep us busy and entertained in all weather. If you’re not a fan of the cold or you have little ones who won’t keep a hat and gloves on, here are some things you can do when it’s colder in Norfolk.

1) The Glass Studio at the Chrysler Museum

One of my favorite dates from college involved wandering around the glass exhibits at the Chrysler Museum and discussing what would be stored in each spectacular glass vessel. Nowadays, you can get even more in depth and create brilliant glass pieces of your own at the Glass Studio at the Chrysler Museum. Demos happen daily, Sunday-Thursday at noon. There are classes available if you want to try your hand at glass making, and the Studio’s Third Thursday events with glasswork, live music, and drinks are a hit, often selling out. If you want to see what the Glass Art Society is so jazzed about, you definitely need to go and see for yourself.

2) Visit The Slover Library

It’s not just the collision of architecture in Downtown Norfolk: the Slover Library also has programs and events to keep anyone busy. But even if you find books soothing (like me) and you just want to wander around, you’ll find an oasis at the Slover Library. The Sergeant Memorial Collection will take you back in time and the kid’s collection will have your children captivated as well. It’s worth the parking, trust me.

3) See art eras collide at the Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum MantleThe thing that always strikes me about the Hermitage Museum is the contrast. Incredible priceless works of art from decades gone by meet eye catching, contemporary pieces, all displayed in a fascinating historic setting of a lavish home. But the Hermitage is so much more than art. They have events on their beautiful grounds regularly, including their fall movies series. It features some fun, grownup scary movies for the Halloween season!

4) Design and paint your own mermaid

I have to admit I haven’t done this one yet, but I can’t wait to wander into the Mermaid Factory the next chance I get. Norfolk’s Mermaids are iconic, and people take so much pride in the symbol that they have them displayed on their private homes and The Mermaid Factory allows you to paint your very own. They also have dolphins for you Virginia Beach lovers. What a fun way to show off local spirit!

5) Have a local beer

You can’t get too far in Norfolk without hearing prideful boasting about our local breweries. Three immediately spring to mind: O’Connor Brewing Company, Smartmouth Brewing Company, and The Bold Mariner Brewing Company. Head to the breweries’ websites to find out where you can samples these local beers.

Still looking for something to do? Go to the hrScene Events Calendar! You’ll find something for you and your family, and probably even in your own neighborhood.