Tips for clearing your car of snow and ice

All of Hampton Roads woke up Tuesday to a thick bed of snow topped with a layer of ice. While most residents are staying put in the warmth of their homes, some people have no choice but to head out.

If you are one of them, here are some valuable tips for clearing off your car after a snowstorm:

  1. First, give yourself plenty of extra time. This could take a while.
  2. Gather your snow removal gear: Snow shovel, ice scraper and a soft-bristle broom.
  3. Use your vehicle defroster to do some of the work. Get it going while you work on the outside (never idle in a closed space like a garage).
  4. If you can’t open the door, use de-icer. (do not store de-icing fluid in your car)
  5. Start from the top. Brush the snow off the roof. If your vehicle is taller than you, use a small step stool to make the reach the roof. Then, remove the snow from the rest of the car surface.
  6. Use the scraper to remove the snow and ice from the windshield and other windows and side mirrors. Do NOT pour warm water on the windshield; it could cause it to crack.
  7. Remove as much snow and ice from around the tires, using your hands, a shovel or brush. You can use salt or kitty litter to help melt the rest of the snow.
  8. Driving with snow and ice on your car is hazardous. It can impact your visibility and could cause an accident. Some states have laws that fine drivers who don’t clear their car.

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