Top Five Things to do in Virginia Beach (Now that Tourists are gone!)

We locals to love our tourists, don’t get me wrong. But there are places in Virginia Beach that locals avoid between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

But now we’re securely into fall, most of the tourists are gone, parking has reached somewhat reasonable rates, and the locals are starting to emerge from our secret hideaways to enjoy the terrific things Virginia Beach has to offer. Here they are!

1. The Oceanfront

Virginia Beach has a great boardwalk and a wide beach. Even though it’s a little cool to sunbathe, go for a jog, walk, or take a bike ride on the oceanfront! Sea breezes are great no matter the time of year and BeachStreet USA still has a ton of great stuff going on.

2. Sandbridge

If you want the sand and the ocean but not everything else, head to Sandbridge. In fact, consider renting a place for a Hampton Roads “staycation” weekend. Rental prices dip dramatically in the fall and you can snag a weekend for a lot less. Great excuse to gather the boys together and play poker and watch football or gather the girls and have a girl’s weekend in. Wear your pajamas all weekend and enjoy your morning coffee overlooking a beautiful beach.

3. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

There is always something cool to see at the Virginia Aquarium. We love covering their animal rescue and beach restoration efforts, but their exhibits are just cool for people of all ages. And don’t forget about their adventure park! Ziplining isn’t just for the mountains, you know. Tickets aren’t going to bankrupt you, either, and they’re well worth it. In fact, in October seniors 60+ get half off their admission price Monday-Friday. For more prices and information about the aquarium, please click here. 

4. iFly

I confess I haven’t done this yet, but I can’t wait to try it. iFly Indoor Skydiving appeals to the thrill-seeker-but-still-chicken in me. It’s right on Pacific Avenue and it just opened up. Check it out here!

5. Fishing

Just picture it: you, the big blue sea, the steady click of your fishing pole and fall breezes blowing through your hair. Now’s the perfect time to get in some fishing before days get too short and those breezes get too cold! Check out our fishing guide, but remember to call ahead if you can and double check licenses, requirements, and hours!

What’s your favorite place to visit after the tourists leave town? Let us know!

If you’re looking for events all over Hampton Roads, check out our event calendar.