Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Trick or treating is a time-honored fall tradition, but every year parents and our community share some safety cautions and concerns.

Trick-or-Treating Hours and Laws in Hampton Roads

James City County shared this great list of safety tips for trick or treaters, so we thought everyone should see them!

  • Costumes should be easy to walk in and short enough to avoid tripping. They should be made out of non-flammable material and easy to see in the dark. Reflective tape sewn onto the costume works well.
  • Makeup should be worn instead of a mask. Makeup helps trick-or-treaters see and breathe easily. If masks are worn, they should be taken off before crossing a street.
  • Trick-or-treaters should plan their route ahead of time, picking streets that are in familiar neighborhoods and well lit.
  • Young children should never trick-or-treat without an adult or older sibling. Older children who trick-or-treat without an adult should do so in a group with the route and return time approved by the caretaker. A flashlight or glow stick should be carried to light the way and to be more visible to cars. Only go to homes with the porch light on.
  • Trick-or-treaters should cross only at corners, never between parked cars or in the middle of the block. When possible, they should stay on the sidewalk. If there isn’t a sidewalk, they should stay as far left of the roadway as possible and walk facing traffic. When approaching a house, they should watch for candles in Jack-O-Lanterns or other decorations that may catch clothes on fire.
  • Trick-or-treaters should never go into the home of a stranger, even if they are invited in.
  • Candy should not be eaten until after it has been checked out by an adult. Treats not in their original packaging should be thrown away. Any suspicious candy should be reported to the Police Department as soon as possible.

And as members of the community, whether you have kids out or not, here are some things to keep in mind during this festive holiday:

  • Be aware of road closings and street festivals. A quick peek at our fall fairs and events list can help with that!
  • Drive with extra caution on your community’s trick or treat nights, as kids might not remember to look twice before darting into the road.
  • Celebrate responsibly and always be sure to have a safe ride home from any parties or celebrations.
  • Be aware of candles and jack-o-lanterns and remember to double check that everything is put out before you leave your house.
  • When walking your dogs, keep an eye out for wayward candy that might have fallen out of sticky fingers. Remember certain foods can seriously sicken dogs, including chocolate.
  • Keep an eye out in your community- sometimes bad tricks can come along with the fun ones.

Have a safe and happy halloween!

If trick or treating isn’t in your schedule, why not check out a haunted house? Hampton Roads has a ton of great ones!