Two Multi-Million Lottery Winners in Hampton Roads

Joe Burke swung by the BP One on Holland Road during his lunch break and picked up a couple Virginia Lottery tickets while he was there. That decision has changed his life.

When he scratched the second ticket, “All I saw was a bunch of zeros!” said Burke, who lives in Norfolk. He had won the top prize in the $3,500,000 Ultimate Millions Scratcher Game and is the first to do so. He chose the one-time cash option, which means he’ll get just shy of $2 million before taxes.

“I’m kind of in denial,” he said when he claimed his prize. “It feels like a dream. Now it’s time to wake up.”

The lottery says the chances of winning the top prize in this game are 1 in 1,305,600.

Amy James has a similar story. The Williamsburg woman bought a $4 Million Mega Multiplier ticket at the Food Lion on Richmond Road. She scratched the ticket immediately and discovered she won the top prize, but she put the ticket in her purse and continued grocery shopping.

“I waited for my husband to come home to confirm that I wasn’t psychotic,” she told lottery officials.

Ms. James is a nurse practitioner. She chose the one-time cash option of $2.15 million before taxes and says she plans to invest her winnings.

Congratulations to them both!