Va. Beach encourages people to think before trashing plastic bags

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – City officials are urging residents to take a second before they trash their plastic bags.

Officials said if not thrown out correctly, these bags could end up in the waterways. They encourage people to try reusable bags for shopping and carrying items. You can take your plastic bags to local grocery stores and the City Landfill and Resource Recovery Center. From there, these bags will be sent for recycling into new plastic bags and plastic lumber.

Plastic bags can’t be put into the blue recycle cart because they are not the right kidn of plastic with a lid and pour spout.

If you can’t recycle the bag at the time, city officials said they can be used to scoop the dog poop or filled with other debris to weigh them down and avoid becoming parachutes in the wind.

You can visit the waste management site for more info on dropoff services and where to take your bags.