Va. Beach Police Department is Asking Kids to “Chill Out!”

Kai, age 5, shows off the Operation Chill “ticket” he earned.

Are your kids suddenly offering a helping hand more often? Possibly wearing a bike helmet without you having to ask? Then it’s possible the secret is already out!

Virginia Beach police officials are launching their participation in Operation Chill,  a national program that is “ticketing” local kids for doing good deeds this summer.

The tickets are redeemable for a FREE small Slurpee at any 7-Eleven store. Almost 1,100 law enforcement agencies are joining together to pass out over a million Slurpee coupons, donated by 7-Eleven, by the end of 2018.

The program’s initiative is to build that positive bridge between law enforcement officers and local kids. Reasons for being  “ticketed” include “offenses” such as deterring crime, participating in community events, picking up trash or anything to help others.

Find your nearest 7-Eleven store by clicking here.