Video: Local teachers share educational snow day ideas

School children across Hampton Roads have had a number of days off because of several rounds of winter weather.

Teachers from Hardy Elementary School in Isle of Wight posted a YouTube video where they share their ideas for fun and educational snow day projects. Watch the video with your little learners and get some fresh ideas,

Mrs. Buggs/3rd Grade: Build a snowman & make some snow cream

Mrs. Ciaston/3rd Grade: Read some books

Mrs. Palmer/Kindergarten: Use snowflakes and snowballs to practice counting

Mrs. Olson/1st Grade: Create word problems on your snow day using addition or subtraction

Mrs. Henk/Kindergarten: Go outside and measure things on your snow day

Mrs. Fry/1st Grade: Read the book “Snow Day”, play some dice games

Mrs. Hawley/2nd Grade: Build a character snowman on your snow day and write a story about your snow person

Mrs. Jones/2nd Grade: Write a story about what it would be like to be a snowflake