Virginia Aquarium Transfers Fish to Help NY Aquarium Rebuild

The people of Hampton Roads regularly band together to help out other communities when they need it, but the Virginia Aquarium helped out in a way only they could. Rather than donate canned goods, blood, or coats, on Wednesday and Thursday they transferred fish to the New York Aquarium in an effort to help them jump start their exhibits following Superstorm Sandy.

“Fish transfers are great examples of how public aquariums and zoos, particularly those accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, collaborate to provide valuable educational experiences for guests, especially in the wake of a devastating storm like Sandy,” said Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Public Relations Manager Matthew Klepeisz.

We are so proud and happy to have the Aquarium in our back yard and wish the New York Aquarium all the best with their new fish-friends!