The Virginia Beach Fire Department Delivers Christmas Joy

Everyone deserves the opportunity to indulge in the Christmas spirit. The Virginia Beach Fire Department, with help from the Virginia Beach Police Department and Sheriff’s Office, are attempting to make that possible this holiday season.

The VBFD has teamed up with EDMARC Hospice for Children to bring kids all over Hampton Roads the dream of seeing Santa.

EDMARC Hospice for Children is a Portsmouth-based organization that offers relief and love to families that face overwhelming challenges when caring for a sick child. They offer an array of services from home healthcare to hospice care and bereavement support.

Last year Edmarc delivered a Christmas surprise to 70 families across throughout Hampton Roads.

This year Virginia Beach emergency authorities are taking part in the Santa Run to bring gifts to children with illnesses. They make efforts to ease the stress that sickness and death has on families everyday by visiting households with gifts and smiles to give to the children.