Virginia Beach Youth Hip Hop Program Re-opens for Aspiring Teens

As an opportunity for teenagers ages 13 – 17 to explore hip-hop culture and social issues, Virginia Beach is bringing back its successful workshop program this year as ‘Hip Hop 2015: And the Youth Will Lead.’

On Monday, July 13, Levi Little of the Grammy Award-winning group Blackstreet will be attending the evening session, according to Julie B. Braley, the media & communications coordinator of Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation. Little will be there mentoring the participants on stage presence and the business side of the entertainment industry.

The program runs from June 29 to August 20, Mondays and Thursdays from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Williams Farm Recreation Center.

According to a Virginia Beach City Parks and Recreation press release, Through instruction and guided discussions, teens will explore the history and foundations of hip hop, including the five elements upon which the culture is based: emceeing, DJ-ing, B-boying, graffiti and knowledge. Each participant will select an element to study further through an interactive workshop. The entire group will select a social issue to influence them as they write, record, and perform their own song.

Teens will have the opportunity to participate and collaborate to write and perform an original song to be played on 103 Jamz.

The program will conclude with a ‘Big Reveal’ performance August 20, when the group will perform their song for family, friends and special guests.

Last year, Manny Mitchell, one of the cast members of this year’s new FOX43 reality show, ‘i Got This,’ was a participant in the program and performed in the Big Reveal performance. Video from last year’s program and the Big Reveal performance can be seen here.

Registration for the program is free, however, a Virginia Beach Recreation Center membership or day pass is required. Teens interested in joining can register here with their pin and barcode, or in person at any Virginia Beach Recreation Center.

Hip Hop 2015: And the Youth Will Lead Us is collaboration between Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation, Clever Communities in Action, Universal Zulu Nation Chapter 30, Clear Channel’s 103 Jamz, and Mr. Dear Photography.