Calling All Artists

An example of what Virginia Beach is looking for at Mount Trashmore. (Fish Staircase, 2015, Seoul, Korea)

Virginia Beach needs your help sprucing up the city. They’ve put out a call to artists to help them liven up Mount Trashmore Park and Pleasure House Point.

The city is looking for an artist or artist team to help transform a functional staircase at Mount Trashmore into a mural. For Pleasure House Point, they’re looking for a structure that highlights the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, a U.S. cititzen, have successfully managed and completed at least one similar commissioned project with a budget equal to or greater than the proposed project budget and provide previous samples of work to illustrate style, qualifications and experiences.

Here’s what you need to in your application:

  •  Artist Statement of Interest: (3,000 character maximum) Submission must include an Artist Statement of Interest that outlines a general interest in this opportunity, along with the specific site location(s) of artist’s intent.
  • Resume: (3,000 character maximum) Please include a current resume that outlines your professional
    accomplishments as an artist.
  •  Images of past work: Visual representations of past artwork that demonstrate your qualifications for this
    project. Submit up to a total of 8 images of completed projects and brief descriptions. Proposal images
    from previous projects may be submitted, but should be clearly marked as proposals. If submitting as a
    team, all members must be represented in the visual submittal.
  • Descriptions of past work: Include a list of the submitted images with descriptions that clearly explain
    both the projects and the images. Please indicate Title, Date, Location, Dimensions, Significant Materials,
    and Budget (if a public commission). If you were a member of a team, please indicate your role.
  • Proposal images or design: Include image you are proposing for your selected area. Please name the
    image Proposal_Image_Your_Name. Up to three (3) proposed works can be submitted per application.
  •  Description of Proposal Images: Include a list of the submitted images with descriptions that clearly
    explain the concept, artwork, medium, etc.
  • Budget: Provide a detailed description of the total budget to perform the services. The budget shall
    identify in separate detail the following: artist stipend, all expenses including design, travel, lodging,
    required meetings, installation, preparation of site, clean-up, materials and supplies, any equipment
    needed to install the artwork, any necessary permits, bonds, taxes and fees; including business license
    application fee, retaining workers, insurance costs, engineering expenses, documentation, preparing
    specifications and providing list of all materials necessary for installation of the work.

You can email your application to with the subject line “Public Art Project Submission Mount Trashmore Stairway Mural” or “Public Art Project Submission Pleasure House Point Artist Residency.”

The deadline to submit your application for the Mount Trashmore Mural is Feb. 23. The deadline to submit your application for the Pleasure House Point project is March 19.