Hermit Crabs Race the Crustacean 500 at Oceanfront

Hundreds of hermit crabs participated in the Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge at the Oceanfront Saturday.

Throughout the day, people raced the tiny animals on a specially designed track.

Once the preliminary races ended, the winners lined up for the big race of the day: The Crustacean 500.

In addition to the glory associated with winning such a prestigious race, the winning crab also received the Order of the Mercury Claw trophy.

Fellow crab racers like Kirsten Amerongen described entering her hermit crabs into the race and how much fun she had.

“We put most of them in the race,” said  they got the highest titles. and then the other one that was in the other race got second. so we have winning crabs.

The event also featured an event called the Miss Curvaceous Curstacean Beauty Pageant.