Innovative Faucet Design Wins Hampton Roads Startup Contest

A man took in a $5,000 cash prize Monday from a local Shark Tank-style pitch competition after presenting his unique patented faucet design that makes sipping and rinsing with water at the sink more convenient.

Steve Waddell is the inventor of Nasoni, a faucet design inspired by drinking fountains found in Rome. The design uses a stop valve at the base of the faucet downspout, which when closed, redirects the flow of water out of an upper spout as a fountain. This design makes sipping water easier and prevents users from having to lean their head in the sink or use a rinse cup.

Waddell entered the idea into the Get Started Hampton Roads startup competition, presented by Cox Business and Inc. Magazine, against four other submissions. Nasoni won based on the company’s innovation, ease of implementation and benefit to the community.

Waddell said he plans on using the cash prize to manufacture the first Nasoni dual-purpose faucet.

A marketing representative from Cox described why startup businesses like Waddells are encouraged.

“On behalf of Cox Business, I’d like to congratulate Nasoni on its win at Get Started Hampton Roads,” said Ken Kraft, vice president of Marketing for Cox Business.  “We enjoy the opportunity to shine a light on entrepreneurship and celebrate those who are taking a chance and living their dreams.  Our goal with Get Started events is to help drive these businesses forward by providing expert advice and connections with the right influencers.”

The startup contest was the 13th event in the “Get Started” series and was one of the signature events of “Cox Business Entrepreneur Week” (June 14-20), recently proclaimed by Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms.