Seashore Cathedral Revealed at the Rudee Walkway

Photo Courtesy: City of Virginia Beach
The artist, known as Pepe Gaka. Photo Courtesy: City of Virginia Beach

The next time you’re traveling across the Rudee Inlet Walkway, stop and take a peek underneath. A brand new mural, titled “Seashore Cathedral,” was revealed on Wednesday

The fantastic piece of artwork covers the underpass columns of the walkway that connects the marina to the 4th Street municipal lot.

Virginia Beach officials say the mural utilizes a geometric style that mimics the look of stained glass. Each of the columns highlights different aspects of Virginia Beach and the back wall features the King Neptune statue.

An Italian street artist named Giuseppe Percivati is responsible for the masterpiece. He goes by “Pepe Gaka” and has work all over the world including Japan, the Philippines and New Zealand, just to name a few.

Citizens got the chance to meet the artist during the ceremony for the mural’s completion on Wednesday.