VB Public Schools Named National Innovative School System

Virginia Beach Public Schools has been named one of the most innovative school districts in the nation.

Several groups spent a year studying school systems across the country and identified the ones with innovative educational practices.

Following the study, AASA | The School Superintendents Association, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and the Successful Practices Network (SPN) selected 25 national “Innovative Best Practice” school districts, which received a more in-depth individual study into how their innovative approaches have impacted study learning.

Click here to view the Virginia Beach Public Schools review.

According to AASA, The goals of the study included the following:

  • To develop and refine school review tools to establish evidence and a benchmark for the impact of innovative best practices on student learning and achievement.
  • To support state level review teams in using the established criteria to identify and validate innovative practices at elementary and secondary levels.
  • To disseminate, through the channel of all three organizations, the case studies and innovative best practices to schools and districts throughout the United States.
  • To develop policy recommendations and supportive resources for state and national leaders.

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