Virginia is for Colonial Williamsburg Lovers

If you love Colonial Williamsburg and all its historical glory, you’re in luck.

Visiting the historical site for one day will get you free admission all year long!  There’s only one catch: you have to be a Virginia resident.

You can take advantage of this special pass promotion by visiting the Historic Area and Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg and purchasing a regular, single-day ticket between now and May 31. Proof of Virginia residency is required when you buy your ticket. This could be in the form of your Virginia driver’s license, a state-issued ID card, or a utility bill with an accompanying ID card.

If you buy your ticket online, you can take your valid ID to the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center to show your residency and redeem your pass. The special offer includes active-duty military and dependents stationed in Virginia, as long as you can verify your Virginia residency.

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