The Virginia Lottery Jackpot Just Got Bigger

If you play “Mega Millions,” expect to see some big changes starting Saturday, Oct. 28. You’ll have to pay more to play, but, if you’re feeling lucky, you could walk away with some serious cash.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The price of a ticket will increase to $2, the same as “Powerball.” This is the first time the price has changed since “Mega Millions” began in 2002.
  • The minimum jackpot will increase to $40 million (Originally $15 million).
  • Players can pay $3 for two plays towards the jackpot in the new “Just the Jackpot” wager. This means you won’t get a chance to win smaller prizes.
  • The odds of hitting the $1 million second prize increases to 1 in 12.6 million, but the odds of hitting the jackpot decreases to a 1 in 302 million chance. Overall odds of winning any prize will be 1 to 24.
  • Players will still use the formula of matching five balls plus the “Mega Ball” number, but the first five numbers will from 1 through 70 and the “Mega Ball” number will be 1 through 25. Originally the first five numbers were chosen from 1 through 75 and the “Mega Ball” number was chosen from 1 through 15.

A total of nine jackpots have been won in Virginia for a combined $873 million. There have been two players to win $5 million, two players to win $3 million and 25 players have won $1 million, respectively.

“Mega Millions” drawings are held Tuesday and Friday nights at 11 p.m.. You can stream the broadcasts live on the Virginia Lottery website.