Virginia Zoo Moves Tiger Cubs to Habitat

The Virginia Zoo have finally released the recently born tiger cubs to their exhibit. The Malayan tigers, who are brothers, are almost six months old. The two were moved to get acclimated to their new space, sharing it with their parents. According to the zoo, the two got around the space and the pool with ease, and then returned to the barn for the night.

The Zoo says that the tiger cubs will be on display in shifts sharing rotations with their parents. The cubs will be on display daily from Noon until 5 p.m., bringing in their parents throughout the day. Officials will monitor their behave and willingness to come back into the barn.

The two male cubs were born on January 6 and 7. The cubs have been at the Zoo’s Animal Wellness Campus under the care of the Veterinary Staff as they prepared to be put on exhibit.

According to the Zoo, less than 300 Malayan tigers exist.