Virginia Zoo Seeking Volunteer Artists

Who knew that something as simple as tape can save the lives of beautiful Hampton Roads birds?

The Virginia Zoo is looking for a few volunteer artists to help reduce the risk of birds flying into animal exhibit windows.

The idea is to create works of art on glass, like this one, that will make the glass more visible for birds and prevent collisions that can possibly be fatal for the birds.

“Conservation can be fun. This is a great way to engage local artists and help prevent bird strikes during the busy migration season,” comments Greg Bockheim, the Zoo’s Executive Director. This inspiring presentation is not only beautiful, but has reduced the amount of bird strikes at the Zoo by 66%.”

As in past years, the Zoo plans to use bird tape spaced 2-inches apart vertically and 4-inches apart horizontally. Volunteer artists can showcase their talent by creating engaging designs using this medium and help protect local birds at the same time. Potential volunteer artists should send their contact information and a brief resume or bio to by Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015 to apply.

The Virginia Zoo has been working with the American Bird Conservancy since 2013 to study how different patterns of bird tape can affect bird strikes on large windows. More about bird tape can be found at