Virginia Zoo’s Baby Bongo Plays Her Way into the World

The Virginia Zoo has a new bouncing baby bongo!

The striped baby girl joins five other female bongos, including her mother Juni, who was born at the Virginia Zoo just over ten years ago. She’s a delicate 46.9 pounds, close to three feet tall, and very healthy. She’s the 6th baby from parents Juni and AJ.

“We have a very successful breeding program here at the Virginia Zoo and are very excited to welcome this new baby to our herd,” said Greg Bockheim, Executive Director. “In terms of conservation efforts, this is a very significant birth because Eastern bongos are critically endangered.”

She was just born on Sunday, so she doesn’t have a name yet. You can catch a glimpse of the calf and her mother in the bongo exhibit, near the giraffes for short times during the day.

If you’re wondering about bongos themselves, the Virginia Zoo is a great place to learn. Bongos are the largest and heaviest type of forest antelope, standing over 50 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing around 450 to 550 pounds. Their distinctive chestnut coats with white stripes provide camouflage in the forest shadows. Herds are comprised of females and calves, while males are more solitary. Bongos are most active at dawn and dusk. Females give birth to one calf per year and the gestation period is nine months.

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