This Weekend: Revolutionary Beer Fest

A beer festival is a beer festival, but on Saturday, June 11 you can go to Chesapeake City Park and experience the Revolutionary Beer Fest and celebrate amber suds with historical reverence. The best part is, your drinks go to a good cause! The Revolutionay Beer Fest supports the Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways History Foundation.

Revolutionary Beer Fest will pay tribute to the history of beer from the earliest days of our nation all the way to today’s beer and cider breweries. There will even be a glass blower on hand making items that THREE TUN TAVERN SIGN - JERRY MAJNICHwere used in the past. Docents and Reenactors will be dressed in period attire.

There will even be a colonial style tavern!. The “Three Tun Tavern” was an actual tavern in pre-revolutionary Great Bridge, as documented in Purdie’s and Dixon’s “Virginia Gazette of Mar 13, 1769.” The old English word tun means a cask, barrel, or keg of beer. The tavern you’ll see Saturday will be adorned with an authentic ‘British Pub’ colonial folk-art style sign, created by world famous colonial folk artist Jerry Majnich of Roanoke, VA.

If you’re more interested in the beer, less in the history, that’s okay too! There will be more than 15 breweries there, food trucks, live music, and more!

Revolutionary Beer Fest 2016’s All-Star Brewery Line Up:13267831_902646313178117_9021345911808431991_n

  1. Alewerks Brewing Company
  2. Back Bay Brewing
  3. Bold Rock Cidery
  4. Center of the Universe Brewing
  5. Champion Brewing Company
  6. Commonwealth Brewing Company
  7. Devils Backbone Brewing Company
  8. Legend Brewing Company
  9. O’Connor Brewing Co.
  10. Port City Brewing Company
  11. Potter’s Craft Cider
  12. Smartmouth Beer
  13. South Street Brewery
  14. Starr Hill Brewery
  15. The Bold Mariner Brewing Company
  16. The St. George Brewing Company
  17. Young Veterans Brewing Company
  18. Big Ugly Brewing Company – Featured in VIP Tent Only

The Revolutionary Beer Fest is also featuring some of the best Food Trucks around:

– Bro’s Fish Tacos LLC
– Cast Iron Catering
– Gerty’s Gourmet Kitchen
– Linda Lou’s Curbside Dogs
– Lucky Peach
– New York Souvlaki
– Over the Moon Pizza
– Sofrito
– Stuft-Not Your Average Street Food

So this Saturday celebrate the brew that’s as old as our nation. Click here to buy your tickets. Cheers!