William & Mary Tops Historical Colleges List

If you have been to, or are from, Williamsburg, then you know the city is full of history. The Revolutionary City is also home to one of the oldest colleges in America, William & Mary; and the school was recognized for its place in the history books.

The publication, College Magazine, has listed W&M as the top school in the country for history buffs.

Criteria for making the list included; annual historical celebrations, contributions of monumental alums to innovative programs, and historical buildings on campus.

The following is the reason W&M as selected No. 1:

Out of all the earliest colleges founded in America, the College of William and Mary stands apart. With a patent from King William III and Queen Mary II, Virginia colonists founded their own school in 1693 after relocating from Jamestown. Everyone’s heard of Williamsburg. It stood as the capital of the Virginia Colony and its historic section doubles as a living history museum today. Talk about an awesome place to live. William and Mary students also have serious bragging rights when it comes to alums: 16 members of the Continental Congress, four signers of the Declaration of Independence and three presidents, including Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.

Every year the university celebrates its history with Charter Day festivities. Students, faculty, alumni and even the local community all get involved. When it comes to academics, undergrad history offers courses like “Hamilton’s America” and “Williamsburg Colonial and Revolutionary Era.” You can even earn a graduate degree in colonial history—a history buff’s dream come true.

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