Woman Searching for Military Dog Tag Owner

A woman found a military dog tag washed up on the beaches of Ft. Monroe Monday morning.

Laura Waltrip says she was going for a walk on the beach around 8 a.m. when something in the sand caught her eye.  She thought it was trash, so she bent down to pick it up.

“The sun caught it, so I picked it up and when I read it, it broke my heart,” Waltrip said.

She quickly realized it was a military dog tag. It reads, “With love, from Dad. U.S. Air Force, Afghanistan 2015.”

Waltrip isn’t sure how long this tag has been on the beach, or how it even ended up there.  But, having recently lost her father, she says she knows how important something like that could be for someone.

“This needs to go back to whoever it belongs to,” said Waltrip.

That’s why she reached out to 10 On Your Side, hoping the public can spread the word and ultimately help find the dog tag’s owner.

If this is your tag — or if you know who it belongs to — you can email Waltrip at laurawaltrip4@gmail.com.