Back to school parenting tips

Whether you’re sending kids to school for the first time or just want to make the transition easier this year, we have some advice from Children’s Hospital Of The King’s Daughter’s parenting expert, Sam Fabian.

Fabian says getting ready to go back to school begins way before the alarm clock goes off that first morning. Adjusting your sleep schedule, she told, is a good start.

“You needed to actually start probably a week ago, but it’s not too late. Begin to back up bedtime 10 minutes and wake up time 10 minutes earlier and do that everyday until school starts.”

Fabian says getting into a routine makes everything easier. It can even calm fears of a little one not sure about going to school for the first time or attending a new one. She suggests, “Actually practice going to the school and as you are going, talk about ‘there’s the tree and the store and Mrs. Smith’s house..’  and actually pointing out the journey on the way to school so there’s a comfort level.”

High School students may not need hand holding, but they do need an occasional nudge. Just don’t nag Fabian says, “They’re going to hear ‘wah wah wah’  if you ask them ‘hey, what do you need to get ready for your test?’ or ‘you’re going on a field trip, what do you need for the field trip? Instead of saying ‘did you have your slip? did you get your lunch? did you get this, get that? you make them think through that checklist.”

Parents should also remember they set the tone. So, if you are organized and relaxed yourself then your kids will start their day on a better note too.

Sam Fabian joined WAVY News 10’s Stephanie Harris for a Facebook Live chat on August 30. Click here to watch the video to hear more of her back to school tips.