“The Comedy Dad”

Hello Hampton Roads,

It’s only 7:30 a.m. and I have changed three poopy diapers, made two bottles, and watched three episodes of “Jake and The Neverland Pirates.” I awoke this morning to my 16-month-old son’s foot in my ear and he was barely hanging on to the edge of our queen size mattress like someone scaling Mt. Everest. Then, my 2-month-old daughter starts screaming in her crib and my wife kicks me saying “it’s your turn.” All I could think to myself was this has to be a dream! I was just getting makeup and riding in a limousine 48 hours ago. Welcome to my world!

I’m a Comedian/Stay at Home Dad named F. Alex Scott, known by some as “Dada.” I’m a 6-year Veteran of the United States Air Force and I’ve been a standup comedian for 18 years. I’ve become a regular on TV stations such as BET’s “Comic View” and “Coming To The Stage” and on TV One where I sit as a regular on “News One with Roland Martin” shot live on Capitol Hill. I have also been blessed to have written for the new “Arsenio Hall Show.”

Over the last two years I have had the privilege to learn the entertainment business from my friend/mentor actor Orlando Jones who is currently on the hit show “Sleepy Hollow” and known from his movies such as “The Replacements” and “Drum Line.” Working with Orlando helped me land a part in the web series hit “Tainted Love” featuring Orlando Jones, Eric Roberts, and Jim Jefferies.

Probably one of my biggest professional accomplishments recently is becoming a paid regular at “The World Famous Laugh Factory” in LA on Sunset Blvd., the Mecca of Hollywood. To share the stage with stars such as Dane Cook, Tim Allen, and Kevin Nealon has definitely helped me in learning the Entertainment Business.

After all that, I still call Hampton Roads my home and I love being here! I have been married for two years to my best friend Dr. Tamasha Triplett Scott. She graduated from VCU Dental School and got a job in Norfolk, Va. As I mentioned, we have two wonderful kids (16-month-old son “Tobias” and 2-month-old daughter “Euhenia”). With the growing cost of daycare we decided that Comedy and Entertainment would have to work around my kids. Okay I lied, she makes more money than me and I make better pancakes than she does. So, this situation works for us.

Well, I look forward to being a part of your lives and being a part of this wonderful community. Well some of it! I will bring you the best and sometimes the worst of Hampton Roads, but you will always get a kick out of it!