Comedy Dad is Famous on the Weekends

I got up Sunday morning feeling great after hosting an event before a crowd of 1500 plus at Chrysler Hall for an amazing charity called “The Still Hope Foundation.” It is an awesome outreach program in the Hampton Roads Area to empower single mothers.

This foundation was founded by NBA referree and local icon Tony Brothers and his wife Monica Brothers, who donated $30,000 to Tidewater Community College.

The event was star-studded with many NBA greats including the late great Virginia native Moses Malone, with whom I was able to get a near priceless picture at the end of the evening.

What’s so awesome is that this weekend just piggy backed off of me getting a chance to open for Boys II Men in Richmond. I almost feel like a Virginia lottery ticket scratch off winner who keeps winning these awesome weekend getaways with awesome celebrity hosts. Then reality sets in and I see my name on the flier along next to these guys. Five thousand people screaming, not for me, but screaming nonetheless.

Now I’m sitting here in Cracker Barrel in Hampton. I just had a Mountain Dew spilled on me. My wife is in the bathroom dealing with a major blow out. Our plans are to leave breakfast and head to Baby’s R Us in Newport News to buy some new bottles.

Comedy Dad meets Moses Malone
Comedy Dad meets Moses MaloneIt’s funny how life can change in a matter of hours. I truly live a double life and right now I’m back in daddy mode.


Yeah, the glamour life is over but I will be performing for the troops next Saturday at Ft. Lee in Hopewell, Va and I need every day of rest I can get in between because these kids are wearing me out and they obviously don’t know I’m famous on the weekends.


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