A Change for The Last Bison

For the last 4 and a half years, The Last Bison has taken their folkestral style of music from their home in Chesapeake around the world.  They have packed a lot in throughout that short amount of time: A big hit in the tune Switzerland, getting signed by Republic Records, touring the nation to sold out venues multiple times and going back to the independent scene and recording their best album to date, VA.

Well there is a bit of a change coming to the band.

Last night, Dan Hardesty posted this statement to the band’s website:

“In the fall of 2010, with a borrowed mandolin and banjo, I sat with my son, Ben, and began crafting music that would eventually emerge as the sound of The Last Bison. We dragged a forgotten old pump organ out of a church closet, invited family friend Andrew to play along and my daughter, Annah, soon joined with harmonies and accents on a set of bells that someone had given to us. As a father in his 40s, this had not been on life’s agenda, and little did I imagine touring the country, signing a record deal, living out of a van and creating music with my kids. The past 4.5 years have been a surprising adventure, but for ‘Papa Bison,’ the gig is over. I am stepping into the role of lead pastor at Community Church of Chesapeake where our family has been involved for a long time. It has been a privilege to create and perform music for all of you, and I will miss it dearly!

 Also, as some of you know, Teresa has been absent from our shows this summer. Her violin has been a powerful signature of our music and though The Last Bison will stampede forward, it will be without Teresa and me. Teresa is getting married to a guy she met at one of our shows – sorry, guys, but Sean is the winner! They will be married in August and move west to Washington State where Teresa will attend UW Tacoma and fulfill her long-held desire to attend college.

 So, The Last Bison might look a little different the next time they come to town. They may even sound a bit different, but if I know Ben, Andrew, Amos, and Annah (and I do), they will not leave you disappointed. I am excited to see and hear what comes next!

 – Dan Hardesty”

We wish all the best to Dan and Teresa and can not wait to hear what Ben and the rest of the band have cooking up their sleeves.  Here’s a look at their past performances from The Hampton Roads Show and WAVY.com.