Album Review: Jake Clemons – Fear & Love

We’re just a couple of weeks into 2017 and I’ve already found one of the best albums of the year – Jake Clemons’ Fear & Love. It’s been several years since his fantastic EP, Embracing Light, was released but after multiple repeats, it just made you yearn for more.

Well, the Virginia Beach native is back with his first full length album and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Fueled by the ups and downs of life, the album opens with the fierce “Hold Tight” and from it’s opening line, “Hold tight she’s a hurricane..she’s going to blow your house”, you know you’re about to set foot on an emotional journey.

The songwriting from Jake is raw and powerful and the production from co-producer Ryan Swinehart is second to none. With the powerful “Burning” to the bluesy, Rolling Stones-ish “Sick Broke & Broken”, Fear & Love has a little something for everyone. You might recognize the orchestral taste on “A Little Bit Sweet” as it features members of The Last Bison. Jake brings it home with the toe-tapping, cruise-the-beach with the top down tune “Move On” that finishes with his signature sax.

It’s hard to pick a favorite on Fear & Love because I find something special on each of the 11 songs. Whether it’s a lyric or a piece of music, there is something on every song that resonates and sticks with me – and that’s what makes a great record.

Jake Clemons – Fear & Love
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