Children Are Our Mirrors

This parenting thing isn’t always easy. Everyday we are confronted with new challenges and situations, many of which are things we could’ve never prepared for, but nonetheless life happens and you just figure it out along the way. As moms and dads we have a huge responsibility on our shoulders to raise children who will be happy, healthy and productive members of society. We want to prepare them and give them the tools to be successful and achieve any dream – big or little, that their hearts desire.

I, by far, am not a “perfect” parent or person, nor do I think I know it all. I certainly don’t have the answers for everything but I do the best I can every single day. I do it for myself, my children and for the people with whom I surround myself.

From the ways in which we think, behave and love, to our tastes in food, culture and past times, all of it has so much to do with where we come from, who we looked up to and what we were exposed to. So, I started to consider all the ways in which my children may follow in my footsteps and how very important it is for me to be what I want them to be. I take this responsibility seriously, and I can only hope everyone else does too, because if we want the world and the future to be a better place for our children, the change and the beginning… all starts with us.

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