Today I had an epiphany…. baby wipes are the best invention ever. You can do anything with these things. From the obvious use, wiping baby bottoms, to cleaning the sole of your favorite shoe. I can’t tell you how many times baby wipes have saved the day.

Take for instance the time I was at Lakewood Park and my son TT dropped a bomb. I couldn’t smell it because we were outside, but soon I noticed a nation of flies following the stroller. I had to jump into action right there on the bench. I laid my Redskins poopy pad out—yeah that’s how we roll in the Scott house—#httr baby, even through all the doo doo literally!!! When I opened up that weapon of mass destruction poop went everywhere even on my iPhone. My first reaction was to slam my phone down, break it and ask God why He had forsaken me!!!! But I suddenly remembered I had baby wipes. Whipped one out -well, I tried to whip one out but three always follow. I cleaned the screen and around the buttons, and it looked like new. It even passed the sniff test. Important!  You can’t talk on a stinking phone.

I promise you’ll never have to buy stuff like stain remover again. That baby wipe is stronger than red Kool Aid. Scrub that carpet as soon as Kool Aid, wine, or mud, hits it and I guarantee that stain won’t last. If you’re running late and ain’t got time to put the kids in the tub…baby wipes to the rescue. I hit that face and them little nasty hands. Two fresh babies coming right up.

Here’s another use. My wife and I went everywhere looking for an apartment when we first moved to Hampton Roads. From Ghent, to Greenbrier back over to Virginia Beach Town Center. It was June, hot and muggy. Needless to say the sun outlasted my shower. I felt just nasty and then a light bulb went off! I hit all the critical areas with some baby wipes and felt like a new man. Baby wipes saved the day again.

Now you can see why this product is so important and could possibly be the most important content inside your diaper bag. They should share the mission statement with American Express: “Don’t leave home without them.” I know I don’t!!