I’m Happy With Me!

Wow! I’m hot again. I know what you’re thinking Hampton Roads; “It was 103 degrees last week, everybody was HOT!”

No, I mean women actually like love handles, chubby cheeks, and size 42 underwear now. There’s this new craze that is swiping the nation called the “Dad Bod.”

I guess everybody gets their chance to shine. Remember those days of walking down the beach and seeing the guy with the six-pack coming and you hold your breath trying to suck your gut back over your belt? Well those days are over baby. I guess those of us with dad bod look just little bit more loving, maybe a little bit more family-oriented and willing to sacrifice calorie counting for real love.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some great fathers and husbands have time to go the gym and stay fit if that’s your thing. If you like living in a house with no potato chips, ice cream or ice-cold Pepsi. I mean come on, what’s Thanksgiving without a big pan of Mac N Cheese.

I know what your thinking: Comedy Dad, didn’t you just do a smoothie cleanse? Yes, I did, but being healthy and being built like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are two totally different journeys in life. I drink spinach but I’m not planning on lifting anything heavier than my two beautiful kids.

So when you see me around town and I look slimmer in my button up and my skinny jeans just know that my stomach is still marshmallow soft. So please don’t walk up and grab my biceps because you’re gonna be disappointed if you were looking for a rock. And I frankly don’t care what you think either because my wife has been loving this DAD BOD for a longtime. I’m just in style now…

So if you need some tips on how to get this hot body and be everything a woman could want, please follow me on social media. I’m always cheating on my diet, taking pictures of food, never exercising, and getting loved up by my kids and my wife because I’m happy with me!


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