SNOW…for the FIRST time!

There’s nothing like the FIRST time and this week, my boys got to experience snow…for the very FIRST time! Both of my boys were born in Miami-Dade, Hialeah, to be specific. And although there are young, they have never known anything below 70 degrees until we moved to Hampton Roads, Virginia. So, when the temperatures dropped this week and a “rare” snow sprinkled the area, my boys got their first taste of what people in news always refer to as “the white stuff.”

In preparation for the occasion, I went out to find them the appropriate footwear for the elements and since most of the fashion in the stores now is for spring, I came up on some snow shoes for Isaiah at Ross and rain boots at Wal-Mart for Raef. We layered them up in 2 layers of pants and long sleeve tops and stuffed them into their down coats with beanies and gloves.

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