Water Country Says Goodbye to ‘Meltdown’ and Hello to New Ride

The Water Country USA ride known as ‘Meltdown’ will retire after the 2018 season. Courtesy: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Water Country USA is retiring their high-speed, surf-boggan slide known as ‘Meltdown‘ after this summer.

Your last chance to ride the 701-foot-long slide will be on Sunday, Sept. 9, which is when the season ends for the water park.

While you may be sad about this ride going into retirement, you might have something more exciting to look forward to for the 2019 season.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced Wednesday that two new rides named Finnegans Flyer and Cutback are coming to Busch Gardens and Water Country, respectively.

Finnegans Flyer, a “Screaming Swing” that goes 80 feet in the air and reaches speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, will be at the entrance to the park’s Ireland area.

Busch Gardens says Cutback will be Virginia’s first ever water coaster and take riders up to speeds of 35 feet per second.

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