Chocolate Bunnies and Chinos

I ashamed to say that I never know when Easter is coming. When is it? The first weekend in April? The last week of March? I’m alerted to the different holiday seasons by whatever candy Target has out on display. And I’ve just seen two decapitated chocolate bunnies so I think Easter is close.

“When is Easter?” I asked my wife in all seriousness.

“This Sunday,” she said.

“For real!!!!” I replied.

I don’t know why my mind went straight to food but it did. I’m thinking Captain George’s. Nothing says Easter like some brightly colored chinos and crab legs.

Next I gotta figure what the kids are gonna wear for pictures with “The Easter Bunny.” Yes pictures with The Easter Bunny or my mom will have a fit if her grandchildren don’t get one more picture to go with the other five hundred at her house.

And I have no say in what my daughter’s first Easter dress will be. I suggested one and my wife made a face and a sound that I’m still not familiar with. So I just kinda played it off and quietly stepped away before she attacked me in Lynnhaven Mall.

Thankfully she did let me pick my son’s suit and I’m not gonna give away his secret but just know that boy is gonna be clean come Sunday morning. Plus, I’m taking him to get his first haircut. Ladies watch out. He’s gonna be at all the day care proms next year.

Now the kids are ready. I’ll throw one of my old suits in the cleaners. My wife will look amazing as usual. Now I just gotta get the itinerary set. It’s gonna be tight.
First we have to make it to church, find an Easter egg hunt and stand in line for the seafood buffet, and I always get my $33 a person worth of food before I call it quits!


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