Dashing Through the Streets – We’re “On The Run!”

The Latest Running News and Notes in Hampton Roads from Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Thanks for checking this edition of “On the Run” today.  There’s plenty to talk about, but first I will let you know I am writing this article during our hrScene.com “Virtual Christmas party” for the website.   I think I just had my first glass of virtual eggnog.   Can’t tell whether anyone spiked it or not yet.   What I do know is I am the only one invited.  Okay, no time for desserts just meat and potatoes in this column.   Let’s check last weekend’s races to remember what happened.

The Tacky Sweater 5K went off in Oceanview and congratulations to Hunter Johnson of Norfolk with the winning time of 19:20.  Thomas Hicks, my tag team buddy from the marathon relay in Newport News last March, was third with a time of 19:55. Where to go Thomas!  The Ladies were led by Smithfield’s Lydia Wilson with in 19:42 time for the 3.1 mile course. No news if anyone was dressed as an elf.

Looks as if I’ve been interrupted again by our virtual holiday party it seems my virtual boss just got up and gave his speech. Think I’m going to check out the virtual Pollyanna gifts we have around our virtual tree. Oh this one looks like it should be for me.   Meantime back to the results. From the Holly Jolly 5K, Drew Midland from Virginia Beach rocked in a  17:18 to win the overall title while “Big Shout Out” to Ben Werve for a 17:42 for second place overall. Norfolk’s Laura McLennan was the leading lady in this race winning and 22:00.  Also, the women get their “Shout Out“, this time to our buddy, Sunny Fox who ran 30:34 to win the women’s 50 to 59 age group. Way to go Sunny!

It’s official, no one has given me any virtual fruitcake at our virtual party so far. My holiday sweater is amazing. Oh my gosh- did I just get named virtual employee of the week?  Maybe I’ll win the best virtual Santa Claus laugh contest. Just saying. Speaking of Santa Claus, Portsmouth was the host city for the Santa Claus Shuffle 5K in Portsmouth was won by Josh Spence with a time of 18:28, while the women were led by Christie Newman from Greensboro North Carolina. She covered the 3.1 mile course in 19:39.

I just checked my virtual stocking from this virtual Christmas party and found… how ’bout that! A virtual Christmas bonus! A gift card for a free pair of socks!   Just what I’ve always wanted. Time to look forward to this weekend.

seashore nature trail

All signs shine to First Landing State Park for the Seashore Nature Trail 50K event. Runners who like to get their weekend long runs at First Landing , be aware this Saturday’s event will be full of competitors running 31 miles for this race. Registration is already closed and I wish the best to all my running buddies who are participating.
I think I’ll spend the last moments of this virtual holiday party saying I have enjoyed reporting all the news and notes of great running events this year here on this website. I hope you share with your friends and enjoy each article we put out. We have met many new friends along the way. Hopefully next year we can add more to our long list of nice people on the run. No real races for Christmas week however New Year’s Day there are more races to chat about both at Mount Trashmore and more. Do you have your New Year’s resolution ready yet? I’ll chat with you soon on the Run!