Laura Oliver’s 7 Ways To Save on Back To School Shopping


Going Back To School is getting more and more expensive every year.  Students seem to have just gotten out of school and already the sales have started again.  Parents are spending more than ever before just to get the basic items and the supply lists are getting longer as well.  But with some careful planning you can keep the rein on your wallet and send your student back in the latest fashions!

Here are 7 Ways To Save on Back To School Shopping!

Check around the house and then make a shopping list– Start by rounding up all of the office and school supplies you already own.  You may be surprised how many items you have around the house.  Stick them in one central location so they will be on your mind when you make your shopping list.

Know what you should be paying– Before you can begin shopping you should know the best prices to pay for the items you need.  2015 Back To School Stock Up Prices

Set a budget and keep it– Things like back packs and calculators have gotten expensive.  Especially with the rise of superheroes and everything being name brand the cost of simple items can get out of control.  These items may blow your entire budget and in many circumstances will not be high quality materials.  Although this might not be a pleasant conversation right now, teaching children the value of a dollar and how to purchase well-made items will work well for them later in life!

Take advantage the Tax-Free Weekend– August 7 – 9 2015 the Tax-Free Weekend in Virginia! That means that during the sales tax holiday period, consumers can purchase qualifying school supplies, clothing and footwear without paying sales tax.

Check the Dollar Store– While some items cost less than $1 at most stores you can occasionally find three-ring binders and other more expensive items at a discount.  Watch all summer long and stock up!

Spread the shopping out if possible– Stores spread their Back To School deals out over the course of the summer.  Especially because in Hampton Roads we go back to school so late that most of the country is preparing to shop while we are just running out of things to watch on the DVR.  By doing a little bit of shopping each week, you can grab only the best deals.

Use coupons and shop sales– Stores are aware they are competing for your business and they are going to offer incredible deals on items.  I stock up on most of my office supplies this time of year as well. Be sure to check out the Back To School 2015 Coupon Deals each week!

Use these 7 Ways To Save on Back To School Shopping and you won’t ruin your summer worrying about the fall!