No Surf, No Problem for the ECSC

If they had a surf contest with no surf, did it really happen?

If you are the Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships then the answer is most definitely YES!

In the perfect world, we all want perfect surf for a contest like this. But lets face it, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate with surf contests. The surf outlook for this week is bleak! The surf forecast through Sunday is calling for waves in the knee-high range. Bummer dude!

So whats a surf contest gonna do? In 53 years of hosting this event, the Virginia Beach Jaycees have become experts at throwing a beach party with or without waves. And this is not the first time the conditions for surfing have been less than ideal.

Don’t let little ankle snappers keep you away from this great end of summer party.

This year you can see, sand hockey, beach flag football, a bikini contest, cornhole, volleyball, BMX, a bikini contest, The Deloreans, skaters on the big ramp, surfing, a 5K race, a fashion show and yes a bikini contest.

One of the biggest attractions for the grommets is the Vendor Village. Free swag is always a hit with the kids.

For you older surfers in the crowd, you may want to take advantage of the music festival that gets underway Thursday with some great 80’s rock hitting the stage Saturday night featuring The Romantics, The Smithereens, and The Motels. That’s a lot of The’s!

So we may have a lot of ankle busters this week, but don’t let that make you back paddle from this years ECSC. Don’t be a Barney or a hodad and bail on this gnarly event. And always remember, the week after the ECSC usually gets some great surf and with tropical storm Danny making way, watch the surf come up on Monday!