Virginia Beach’s First Food Boat is Open for Business


If you love food trucks, you’re going to REALLY love this. Virginia Beach’s first and only “food boat” is officially open for business!

All summer long you’ll find “The Barnacle” floating around the beach at The Narrows in First Landing State Park and Chic’s Beach. 

You can drive your boat up next it to order at their window or just wade a little out in the water.

They specialize in cones…but not ice cream cones. They have pizza cones, taco cones and mac and cheese cones.

Their menu does includes actual ice cream as well and some vegan options.

Owner Bo Zinno says he saw the boat for sale up in Mathews County near Gloucester and knew he had to buy it.

Zinno said whenever he goes to the beach, there’s never enough food or drinks for his crew. He knew he couldn’t be the only one with this beach day dilemma.

He’s also a native and wanted to find something that would give back to his community in a unique way.

Having something that is accessible to beachgoers and boaters with delicious food and ice-cold drinks was the perfect solution.