Feeling Cheesy?

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Your name didn’t need to be Jack or Colby to participate in a ‘grate’ opportunity!

June 4 was National Cheese Day. What better way to celebrate than winning a sweepstakes?

Lidl, a German based grocery store, released a nationwide contest in honor of the holiday and one local woman won a gift card for a year supply of cheese from their store.

Katie M. from Norfolk submitted her photo thinking it just might be gouda-nuff, and it was! Her assortment of Lidl cheese included the Preferred Selection Italian Asiago Stagionato, Spanish Goat Cheese Danish Dill Havarti and Mini Brie Wheel with jalapeño and bell peppers.

The cheeses were paired with Fig & Olive Multigrain Bread Crisps, Herb-Crusted Salami and a glass of Lidl’s Free Run White Wine Blend from Spain. Talk about some tough competition!

To make sure you never miss another wacky holiday (or contest opportunity) again, keep up to date with our national holiday calendar!