Local Eats with an International Flavor

Yes, I admit I’ve planned entire itineraries around what and when I will eat.  One of the best parts of the travel experience is enjoying the foods of the region. Every place serves something to enjoy and I’ve been fortunate enough to try lots of treats in many different places.  When I can’t find something to satisfy my cravings here in Hampton Roads, here are some of the most delectable destinations that I’ll travel to for food!

Buenos Aires:  For wine and the best steaks you’ll have the pleasure of meeting… I mean eating!  The beef in Argentina is world-renowned and the country is also known for producing spectacular wines.   The beef is a must have if you plan a visit to Buenos Aires, but if I’m here in town Byrd and Baldwin in Norfolk serves my favorite local steak dinner to satisfy the meat lover in me.

Charleston:  For amazing soul food, low-country cuisine and fresh seafood Charleston is the place to visit.  This charming southern city has a thriving restaurant scene and is a true dining destination for travelers and food lovers.   Charleston is the culinary jewel of the south and a must for anyone traveling for good eats but some of my favorite eats can be found around Hampton Roads including some of the best She Crab Soup I’ve ever tasted!

Florence: For incredible wine, pasta, bellini’s and limoncello.  Florence, Italy is a bustling city with numerous restaurants and bars providing outstanding dining experiences (and an authentic Italian meal in Florence is truly an experience).  Plan for a long evening to savor every course and be sure to complete your meal with a round of limoncello.

asiaHong Kong: For everything exotic and modern dining in Hong Kong is an adventure.  Hong Kong is often called the food capital of Asia and the dining options are a perfect reflection of the city and its culture, from trendy to traditional and cheap street food to luxury fine dining.  Bring your appetite for an exciting food experience to this city.

New York City: For the best of everything.  NYC, is a melting pot and that has some of the greatest foods from all around the world in one city.  If you can’t make a trip out of the country but you want a delicious vacation to another world you can find all there is to offer in NYC and it’s a just road trip or very short plane ride away!

noNew Orleans: For Creole and Cajun classics New Orleans is often considered a capital in American Cuisine.  The city is known for iconic dishes like gumbo, po’boys, jambalaya and my favorite, crawfish Étouffée are often replicated and Norfolk Seafood Company does it right if you can’t get down to Louisiana. I still definitely recommend taking a trip to New Orleans for the authentic city experience and a night on Bourbon Street.

Paris: For the croissants, champagne and the best hot chocolate on this side of heaven.  French food is one of my favorite indulgences and Paris’s beautiful cafés seem to call you in for these tempting treats.  A sole meunière and champagne dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower is this foodie’s vacation dream!  I love visiting Chartreuse Bistro in Norfolk when I need a European fix for spectacular food that is locally sourced with a daily menu influenced by many parts for Europe including Paris.

Sicily: For pizza, and not because you can’t get an incredible slice everywhere else in Italy, but because it is just so tasty here.  The Sicilians make some of the best pizza but the island is also known for fantastic seafood and wine.  Italy has an amazing food culture with each region offering varieties of local classics to enjoy.  Luce in Norfolk is one of my favorite places to enjoy amazing food and wine reminiscent of the flavors in Italy.

Enjoying great food and dining makes a great trip even sweeter!  Where are you favorite foodie destinations? Will you travel for food?