Patriotic Pours

Patriotic Pours

America’s founding fathers toasted the Declaration of Independence with Madeira, a rich and decadent dessert wine.  Madeira dates back to the Age of Exploration and was enjoyed by several U.S. Presidents including George Washington and Thomas JeffersonMadeira is a fortified wine made on the island of Madeira, an archipelago of Portugal. It has an incredibly long shelf life and is known to be the longest living wine in the world.

While Madeira may be known as America’s most patriotic wine, chances are you probably don’t want to sip on a glass of fortified wine with your picnic or BBQ this holiday weekend.  It’s more of a fall or winter wine to enjoy curled up by the fireplace with your special someone. It’s also fabulous with dessert or a stinky cheese plate (think blue cheese drizzled with honey).

However, if you want to keep your wine selection in sync with America’s birthday. Why not try one of these patriotic pours for your 4th of July celebration!

Jefferson Vineyards – The American Wine Revolution began in the heart of Virginia wine country.  Thomas Jefferson had a vision of producing world class wines in the new colony that would rival its old world counterparts. Jefferson’s love of the European Vinifera began a 30 year old pursuit that didn’t end very well in his lifetime. Fast forward two hundred years and Virginia is now being recognized as a top 10 wine destination in the world. Jefferson would be proud! Try the Jefferson Petit Verdot with grilled steaks, burgers or bbq ribs this holiday weekend for an awesome pairing! The Pinot Gris would be fabulous served with an array of summer salads, grilled chicken with tropical salsa and seafood.

Federalist Wines – Federalist Wines out of California pay homage to Abe Lincoln with its Honest Red Blend,  Alexander Hamilton with its Lodi Zinfandel, Ben Franklin with its Cabernet Sauvignon and Lady Liberty with its Chardonnay. These bottles are a great conversation piece for your holiday weekend gathering.

Charles & Charles Rosé – I simply love the patriotic label on the Charles & Charles Rose out of Washington State. This dry rosé is widely available and is quite delicious with bountiful aromas of juicy ripe summer berries. This is the perfect picnic wine.

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